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I have five minutes to waste so I do what we all do.  I pull my smartphone out of my pocket and flip through page after page of useless apps.  Nothing grabs my attention, I try googling, but even the vast repository of information that is the internet can’t seem to bring about anything interesting enough to burn through five minutes.  I deleted Angry Birds ages ago, and the games I have kept are old and uninteresting.  The next step is to visit the app store and see what the technophiles have created in their get rich $2 at a time scheme.   Rarely do I buy an app, but I’d heard good things about this one, sitting there at the top of the list.  Vidify they call it.   I don’t read the description, I go straight to the screen shots which look clean and well thought out so I buy the app.  By now my five minutes are up, so Vidify is lost in the many pages of apps on my phone for the next week until once again, I’m bored staring into the screen of my Iphone.

It’s simple, and my first forray into using Vidify takes me maybe 40 seconds.  Immediately I wonder why nobody has thought of this before! As simple as it is, there’s so many ways to see the app.  In the most simple possible way I could just use it to put music to the video I have on my phone, or to combine a few select clips that should go together anyway.  Pretty quickly I decided to upload a number of my videos from youtube onto my phone and see what Vidify could come up with.  To edit what it came up with myself, in Final Cut, (or that horrible program IMovie which isn’t actually any easier to use than Final Cut) would have taken about 20 minutes, not to mention the time it takes to export the video.  Here’s what Vidify did in 30 seconds. Worth a couple bucks?  I think so.


About Ben Horton
Highly influenced by his love of travel and adventure and his constant search for something new, his imagery is vibrant with fresh and creative energy. Raised in Bermuda, Ben Horton has spent the majority of his life traveling and seeking out new adventure. Ben is the recipient of the National Geographic Society’s first Young Explorer award for research on Cocos Island involving shark poaching. This led to becoming a photographer for National Geographic, and has allowed Ben to continue his passion for adventure. Follow Ben on Instagram

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