Day 3- Rio Sirena

I would call yesterday a success.  We spent the better part of eight hours in the sun, hung halfway out of a boat, or in my brother’s case dangling in a harness from a tree over the river.  The hard work paid off, and I can finally say I’ve got some decent photos of bull sharks in this river.   I was surprised how few sharks we saw, but the very first one decided that the camera was of great interest and circled us for quite a while.   Photo: Jesse Horton After we shot photos of sharks for most of the day, we took off into the woods to check on my camera trap.  Believe me, I was so excited to see what was on that camera.  After eight hours of being hungry in the sun, it was practically the only thing keeping me moving.  When I found that the camera hadn’t taken any photos, my exhaustion kicked in and getting home was a long slow and tedious trek.

Sometimes, as a photographer, you’re the only one that knows that you can in fact do better.  The shark shots came out pretty well, but I know that I can do better.  All I need is the perfect situation, and I’m sure that everything will come through.  I just need the shark to come within a foot of the camera one time, and I know I’ll get the shot.  Everything is primed and ready to go.  I’ve worked it all out in my head.  Today is the day.

A bull shark near the riverbank

Far upriver, a juvenile bull shark investigates my camera


About Ben Horton
Highly influenced by his love of travel and adventure and his constant search for something new, his imagery is vibrant with fresh and creative energy. Raised in Bermuda, Ben Horton has spent the majority of his life traveling and seeking out new adventure. Ben is the recipient of the National Geographic Society’s first Young Explorer award for research on Cocos Island involving shark poaching. This led to becoming a photographer for National Geographic, and has allowed Ben to continue his passion for adventure. Follow Ben on Instagram

One Response to Day 3- Rio Sirena

  1. following you boys on this blog and appreciate the updates – you be careful out there!!! Having some flashbacks to the great photos from our Africa trip – let’s all go back!!! xoxox Andrea

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