A New Beginning

Today I found myself wondering, what did I go through to become who I am today, and at what point did I stop “becoming.” I’ve decided that although I’ve been in a period of my life that I am very proud of, it is time to reignite the flame that drove me to be who I am.

I believe that I’ve gotten to where I am today because of the personal work that I’ve done in the past. My favorite photographs and adventures were all created in the beginners state of mind, when the goal was not to simply satisfy or impress a client, but to create something that I would be proud of. What makes me proud? I’d say projects that take all of my ability in order to accomplish, as well as projects that better the world in some way. Photography is a medium that has enabled me to travel the world, and it is also a way for me to give back.

I have been one of the lucky few who have been able to work with companies like National Geographic and International league of Conservation Photographers. It is necessary to remember though, why I have been able to do these things.

Personal work is why I am where we I am now, and I can’t stop doing it if I want to keep moving forward.

The creative spark that I had felt dwindling the last few years has recreated itself, and I’ve found myself once again walking around with a camera in my hand for no reason. Trying to learn more about the art, and better my abilities so that when the time comes to go back into the field for an assignment I will do the best that I can possibly do.

As of right now, my plan is only sketched out roughly, but over the next few months I hope to develop an idea that will carry me forward to new adventures, and will help me make the most of what I love to do. I aim to use photography as a tool to change the world, even if my impact is a small one.

In April, I’ll be leaving on an adventure, I don’t know where yet, but I have a few ideas. I don’t know for how long yet, but I know that I’ll be shedding the baggage that is a stationary life by getting rid of my unnecessary possessions, and whittling my life down the the bare necessities.

I hope not to simply return a better photographer, with a better portfolio and a great story to tell. I hope that I will send myself down a pathway that will never end, a pathway of learning, experiencing, and bettering myself and the world around me.


About Ben Horton
Highly influenced by his love of travel and adventure and his constant search for something new, his imagery is vibrant with fresh and creative energy. Raised in Bermuda, Ben Horton has spent the majority of his life traveling and seeking out new adventure. Ben is the recipient of the National Geographic Society’s first Young Explorer award for research on Cocos Island involving shark poaching. This led to becoming a photographer for National Geographic, and has allowed Ben to continue his passion for adventure. Follow Ben on Instagram

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